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MTI - Custom Made

We would like to present some of our customized solutions

Be inspired...

Guitar rack for Reamonn

Guitar rack, Floorboard, Amp incl. MIDI control. 

Reamonn Guitar Floor Box 

Guitar rack signal distribution for Revolverheld

Guitar rack signal distributor - disturbance curved signal paths - 9 fold!


Signal problems with upstream programmable matrix connections are corrected by the galvanic separation of inputs, sends and returns.


Input: 3x guitar
Sends: 3x FX
Returns: 3x FX
Outputs: 9x guitar corresponds via first class MTI-TP70 cable and Neutrik 1/4" (TS) jacks.

MTI Ethernet distributor

1x Input: Neutrik RJ45 - EtherCon (NE8FDV-YK)

2x Output: Neutrik RJ45 - EtherCon (NE8FDV-YK)

Dimensions: 130 x 75 x 61mm (LxWxH)